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$39 Foot & Shoe evaluation with 3D foot scan Special

Click the Button Below to Make your Appointment Today!

In this comprehensive exam you will receive 3D mapping of both feet to check the three arches of your feet.
(You didn’t know you had three arches, more reason to see us!)
The Shoe Doctor will also examine your feet, check your size, and recommend shoes.

All for only $39! (Regularly $49)
(Custom Orthotics if needed are additional)


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Top 3 Benefits Of Orthotics For Ice Skates

Ice skaters, by definition, are graceful, quick on their feet, and make motion seem effortless. Their balance on just a blade is remarkable, and to those outside the sport, the skill seems almost magical.
Top 3 Benefits Of Orthotics For Ice Skat

Why Should I Get Custom Orthotics for Snowboarding?

Part of the thrill of doing a sport is having the correct equipment for it. This article details why you should consider custom orthotics for your snowboarding boots.
Why Should I Get Custom Orthotics for Snowboarding?

Do NBA Players Wear Orthotics?

People look up to their NBA basketball idols as examples for the perfect athlete: effortlessly athletic, graceful and swift, and in perfect condition all year long. But is one of their secrets to success Orthotics?
Do NBA Players Wear Orthotics.png
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