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There are several spaces accessible for hosting activities of distinct dimensions. The house is well managed and the spaces are tidy. Although various occurrences took place concurrently in separate spaces, it feels very personal.


Great community center, smooth and tidy, well-lit. Even with minimal decoration, it looked fantastic. Awesome, fresh facilities. They've got playgrounds, baseball court, soccer field, grass field, and four tennis courts!


Great position for children, or a fast match of tennis, or anything to be fair. There's so much to do about sometimes wrapping your brain around it. You'll almost always discover someone there to do an exercise with if you arrive alone.


This is one of the finest if not San Ramon's finest community facility. This place's quantity of uses is second to none. You can practice sport shere of all kinds, hang out, or even lease a space, and use it as a location. There are a lot of apps for this facility and for everyone there is something.


Overall a lovely building. The employees is fantastic, the events are infinite, and there are always friendly people attending. The core of the society is just as it suggests. The facility is designed to bring together residents of San Ramon and be a enormous family.


There aren't many such installations. This facility in San Ramon has an atmosphere that is very hard to match. While feeling hot, it looks professional and legit. It's smooth without being stubborn. This is by far the greatest hub around the society. 

This amazing location is located near downtown San Ramon adjacent to these other attractions:

  • Windemere Ridge Trail

  • Central Park

  • Amador Rancho Community Center

  • Forest Home Farms Historic Park

  • Dougherty Station Community Center

  • Boone Acres Park

  • Sai Datta Sai Temple and Cultural Center

  • San Ramon Athan Downs

  • Rancho San Ramon Community Park

  • Alcosta Senior & Community Center

All of these wonderful locations are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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