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  • Why are The Shoe Doctor Custom Orthotics better than other products?
    The Shoe Doctor custom Orthotics are as unique as your own foot. Since we measure each foot using our 3-D mapping computer and adjust the orthotics for correction they fit and support like no other orthotic can – custom or generic.
  • Where can I purchase my The Shoe Doctor Arch Orthotics?
    By making an appointment at Dublin our location. Our hand on approach using computer technology produced exceptional results.
  • What are the Shoe Doctor Orthotics made of?
    We are one of the few company in the bay area using computer technology to manufacture orthotic from EVA, polypropylene, or carbon fiber. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate ( EVA) is the white material most athletic shoe mid-sole are made from. Polypropylene is a type of plastic. Carbon fiber offer the most ridge support.
  • What kinds of shoes will the Shoe Doctor Orthotics fit into?
    Practically any shoe with a removable insole and you generally do not have to go up in shoe size. If your shoe fits now, and is not too tight, it should be able to accommodate the inserts.
  • Can I exercise in my custom orthotics?
    It is recommended! After the initial break in period and after you are comfortable wearing them everyday. Running, jogging, hiking, at the gym, tennis, golf – any activity in which you are asking your feet to work!

Healthy Feet Education

Know the proper shape, size, and type of shoe for your foot can change your life
Healthy Feet Education

3-D Mapping of your Feet

Computerized 3-D mapping of your foot allows us to see precise problem definition areas and how to fix them.
Healthy Feet Education

Custom Computer Made Orthotics

WE make the BEST Orthotics in the Bay Area. And we have client reviews to prove it.
Healthy Feet Education


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