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Altamont Creek Elementary (ACE) School  is truly a special place. As they begin their new school year, they ask that you continue to be active as they continue to improve their programs by bringing positivity, enthusiasm and imagination to their school. Their greatest strength and greatest resource are their stakeholders. Together, ACE and their goal can be pushed even further. The whole school invites you to a very unique culture for those of you who are new to ACE. Their school is a place where kids come to learn and a place where they feel special.

Your Wildcats will be able to participate in reading, writing, debating, critical thinking, problem solving and hands-on learning at Altamont Creek Elementary. In the classroom with the teacher and classmates, the vast majority of learning happens. Students will collaborate, connect, think, experiment, and reflect during each day. Therefore, for and student, every day, being in class is very important. They miss out when the Wildcats miss school.


Their devotion to hands-on, tactile, kinesthetic, project-based learning strengthens the critical thinking, problem-solving, inspiration, communication, and cooperation of students. Throughout the academic model, project-based learning is woven through high expectations of student conduct, applied learning, student preference, and ongoing feedback; improving decision-making and self-regulation; and learning from' failures.'


Points of Pride:

  • Gold Ribbon School

  • Kindness Certified School

  • Weekly Lunchtime Student Dance Parties

  • Positive Behavior Intervention & Support: PBIS is a process which focuses on improving their school's ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students.

  • Kid Connection, Lunch Bunch & Social Thinking: They have 3 programs that provide students the opportunity to learn and practice positive social skills.

  • Commitment to Fine & Performing Arts:

  • Their Garden Classroom is a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. They are also certified by the Bay Friendly Landscaping and Gardening Coalition. Their garden is organic and helps students learn about nutrition and food systems. Their garden features a bird viewing area, a compost area, and an area for students to write, read, sketch and measure

  • Google Classroom/Digital Student Portfolios/Blended Learning

  • Running Club: Over 150 students participate 3X week before school.

  • Student Valet: 4th and 5th graders are trained to help with morning drop off.

  • Family School Partnership: They believe a strong parent staff partnership is critical to their success. They have a very active volunteer base and our PTA is incredible

  • GATE, Intervention, Student Council, Field Trips, Clubs, Drama, Science Odyssey and MORE!


Child Nutrition Services

Child Nutrition Services consists of a team of experts in food and nutrition who are committed to the wellness, well-being and opportunity to learn of students. In all of their schools, their department serves students. By facilitating good behaviors for lifelong eating and exercise activities, they encourage learning. Based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines, meals, snacks, and beverages sold and served at their schools comply with state and federal standards. They deliver a range of nutritious breakfast and lunch menus that fulfill their students' nutrition needs and energize them for learning.

Livermore, California has so many amazing schools to check out.  Here’s a brief list you should see on your next visit: 

  • Sunset Elementary School

  • Arroyo Seco Elementary School

  • William Mendenhall School

  • Valley Montessori School

  • Lawrence Elementary School 

  • Leo R. Croce Elementary School

  • St. Michael School

  • Granada High School

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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