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Leo R. Croce Elementary School is an above-average public school in Livermore, California. With a student-teacher ratio of 24 to 1, it has 601 students in grades K-5. 43 per cent of students are at least proficient in math and 49 per cent in reading, according to state test scores.


Community Engagement

By offering constructive communication and nurturing robust community relationships, the Community Involvement Department represents the students, employees, families and community members in their district. They establish ties that allow their students to succeed. Some of these links include their larger Livermore and Tri-Valley community, which offers resources to promote student achievement, including corporations, non-profits, governments, and faith-based organizations.


Valet - Drop-off & Pick-up

They ask families to follow all road rules in neighbourhoods around the campus to ensure the safety of all students, as well as to remember restricted areas in their parking lots as indicated by red curbs (No Parking), yellow curbs (Loading/Unloading - vehicles attended only) and blue zones (Restricted Handicapped Parking). Remember to keep pedestrians alert at all times.


Drop-Off Zones - Only in the front parking lots can students in grades TK through Fifth be dropped off. Valet parking is available shortly after the school year starts with the aid of our 4th and 5th grade student leaders, and will help students exit vehicles to ease the morning routine. In the parking lot nearest to the basketball courts, this happens in the angled curb and is marked by yellow curbing and orange safety cones. Directly in front of the office, the yellow zone is reserved for childcare and chartered mini-buses that deliver and pick up students. Again, please follow stop signs and listen to the guidance of workers.


Parking and drop-off in the back lot (off Mt. Hamilton Court) is just for their preschool families to protect their most needy students. All parents of TK through 5th grade students who choose to access campus through the gate adjacent to the large playgrounds are asked to park on neighboring streets and walk students to campus to provide enough room for bus traffic and pre-school parent drop-off. ESS families are welcome to use the green drop-off curb for drop-off/pick-up immediately in front of the ESS when transporting students to the portable ESS.

Livermore, California has so many amazing schools to check out.  Here’s a brief list you should see on your next visit: 

  • Sunset Elementary School

  • Arroyo Seco Elementary School

  • William Mendenhall School

  • Altamont Creek Elementary School

  • Valley Montessori School

  • Lawrence Elementary School

  • St. Michael School

  • Granada High School

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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