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They welcome you to drive through our Livermore Valley tasting room, just one hour south of the Napa Valley. They are a Cal-Ital winery with classic wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and a blend of thrilling Italian varieties such as Barbera, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. Their wines are made from grapes harvested from their Estate Vineyard in the heart of the Livermore Valley, where the soil and climate are perfect for growing outstanding fruits. Their 8,000 square foot tasting room is nestled between 150 acres of vines in the Farm, making it one of the valley's most spectacular views. A bocce ball court, an Italian-inspired delicatessen, their courtyard and wine bar, and a picnic area surrounded by our beautiful trees and vines are available in our tasting room.

Every fifth, Rubino Estates Wine Club members receive four bottles of Rubino Estates wine. In February, May, August, and November, their quarterly releases take place. Each wine release is followed by a complimentary weekend release party for their members. Price varies from $120 to $185 per quarter depending on the membership standard. When visiting our tasting room, wine club members earn discounts on wine, merchandise & special event tickets along with complimentary wine tasting for four.

Lounge furniture and a shaded awning that offers protection from the sun are featured in the Rubino Courtyard. The room overlooks the vineyard of the winery's estate and is a lovely laid-back place to enjoy your favorite Rubino Estates wines. This stunning panoramic view beats nothing.

Wine by the slice, wine by the bottle, delicious deli options and their new samplers for winemakers are available at the Rubino Courtyard.

There is nothing more critical than how their vines are handled. A direct result of what they put into the soil is the wine they make. Their most important choices are directed by success and made in the vineyard. 98% of the grapes they use are grown and they continue their goal of being a complete estate winery. They aim to produce excellent wines, which can only be achieved if we have excellent fruit.

Their farming consultant based in Napa has trained us on the best viticultural practices that they apply throughout their vineyard lands. Their winemaker lives on the farm, allowing every detail to be meticulously considered. Their objective is to produce quality grapes that in turn, produce high-quality wine. The vineyard spends countless hours testing, watering and cultivating the vines, paying careful attention to the temperature and adapting accordingly. Their grapes are hand-picked and then delivered to their crew immediately.

Livermore, California has so many amazing vineyards to see.  Here’s a brief list you should check out on your next visit: 

  • The Steven Kent Winery

  • Page Mill Winery

  • Wood Family Vineyards

  • Nottingham Cellars - Livermore Winery and Wine Tasting 

  • Ruby Hill Winery 

  • Cuda Ridge Winery

  • Bent Creek Winery

  • Rubino Estates Winery

  • Charles R Vineyards

All of these wonderful vineyards are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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