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Concord Community Park: Features And Fun Things To Do

Concord Community Park is a beautiful park that has been open for years. Even though it's been around for such a long time, the park never takes its residents for granted. They're constantly adding new features and fun things to do to keep everyone entertained and active. If you're looking for an interesting place to visit with your friends or family, make sure you stop by Concord Community Park.

Concord Community Park: Features And Fun Things To Do

About The Park

Concord Community Park is one of the main parks in Concord. It's located 30 acres off El Monte Road between Hale Drive and Sheridan Ranch near Cowell Avenue School where it has been known by locals as "Cowell Park" for years. This suburban area park features an extensive amount to do whether it's playing games or just sitting back with friends while enjoying your favorite kind of food from vendors who offer everything under the sun. There are no excuses not to find something fun happening here at any given time during the day when temperatures allow outside activity.

Concord Community Park has a huge grassy field for playing or relaxing under trees that provide plenty of shade from hot summer suns rays. Great spot not just for kids but also families looking to spend time outdoors together as well as groups wanting an event venue close by where they can have their gathering without worrying about traffic or parking limitations.


  • The Community Concord Pool

The Community Concord Pool is a great place for all sorts of people, from the serious swimmer to families looking for some fun in their free time. This Olympic-sized facility contains heated vestibules with showers and closets as well. This community pool is a popular location for around 124, 000 swimmers per year.

The Community Concord Pool serves as an escape from the hot summer months. It offers cool water and fun activities for people of all ages to enjoy. In addition, it also has a very friendly staff who loves what they do. If you are looking for something fun to do this summer with your family or friends, make sure to check out this awesome pool.

  • Barbecues, Picnic Areas And Picnic Tables

Concord Community Park has many features and amenities, such as barbecues, picnic areas, and picnic tables. Visitors can enjoy their time at the park while cooking up a barbecue or eating out on one of these great facilities. Barbecue grills are available to visitors. There is also plenty of space for families that would like to have a sit-down meal instead, just grab some food from home or nearby eateries before you head over to the park. If you’re looking for somewhere with shelter from rain showers, Concord Community Park offers covered shelters too. In picnic areas and athletic fields children will love running around all over the park, playing games with friends, or even participating in Park District programs and events. There are many athletic fields open to the public at Concord Community Park for soccer, baseball/softball, disc golf, and more. If you want a quick game of basketball before heading home after your picnic under the covered shelters, there’s also an outdoor court available.

  • Playground

The first thing that came into view as you arrived in this area is a big, wooden swing set. There were swings and climbing walls for all ages of children to enjoy with their friends or siblings. Then off in the distance, you could see three playgrounds. All three playgrounds were made out of rubber so children won't get injured when playing with friends and siblings and the chance is, this area will also help prevent injuries even further than just having soft ground beneath their feet.

Concord Community Park offers a variety of features and fun things to do. The park is open for use year-round, but if you want to enjoy the pool or barbecue in the summertime, make sure to visit us before it gets too hot. We hope that this article has given you some ideas about what we have going on in our beautiful community space. Be sure to come by today and see everything yourself, there's something for everyone.

Concord, California has so many amazing parks to check out.  Here’s a brief list you should stop by on your next visit:

  • Newhall Community Park

  • Concord Community Park

  • Ygnacio Valley Park

  • Hillcrest Community Park

  • Markham Nature Area

  • Len Hester Park

  • Meadow Homes Park

  • Highlands Park

  • Ellis Lake Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short car ride away from our convenient location in Dublin, California on Sierra Lane.

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