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Newhall Community Park: A Great Place to Spend a Day

Newhall Community Park is a great place to spend the day. It has something for everyone, no matter your age or interest. There are many different activities available at the park, including tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. The children will love having access to their very own playground with swings and other fun equipment. For those who want some peace, there's a garden where you can sit on one of the benches and read a book in solitude.

Newhall Community Park: A Great Place to Spend a Day

About The Park

Newhall Community Park is 126 acres, located along Galindo Creek east of Treat Boulevard. Access it via Newhall Parkway south or from Turtle Creek Road to the west side entrance near Lone Tree Way and north up Foothill Expressway towards Inland Empire Superstation. The park features picnic areas for your enjoyment as well as hiking trails that wind through lush green scenery alongside this crystal clear brook lined with artistic bridges.

The park has a gorgeous green space with plenty to offer for all types, from families looking to have fun on Saturday afternoon or spending time reading in their backyard while watching the kids play soccer outside. To those who want an escape away just minutes drive-time northeastward into one of these picturesque parks which dot the beautiful city like jewels sitting atop silver necklaces strung together by hopes and dreams.


  • Bocce Courts

The park has its bocce ball courts. People often use them for a friendly match or to get in some exercise. It also features two horseshoe pits and one shuffleboard court, which are great alternatives if you’re not into bocce. There are many benches around Newhall Community Park where people can sit down with their dogs while they play either of these games.

  • Dog Park

Newhall Community Park has a dog park for your furry friend. There is also an extensive trail system that will allow you to walk the dogs off-leash. The trails are wooded and wind through areas of native grasses, oak trees, sycamore trees, riparian forests, and meadows with wildflowers in springtime. Dog walking here can be a great way to get some exercise while enjoying nature.

The Paw Patch Dog Park in Newhall Community Park offers two separate areas for dogs to run around and explore in without a leash. There's one small space meant for smaller breeds under 35 pounds, while larger hound types will enjoy an even bigger area with plenty of room to stretch out. This is great news if you're looking at getting more exercise outside your home or would like something less intimidating than most dog parks, both spaces provide enough space so that all different kinds can have fun together.

  • Picnic Areas

Newhall Community Park is a great place to spend the day with family or friends because of all it has to offer. The park features picnic areas where families can relax and enjoy their time together while enjoying the scenery of green grasslands and oak trees. Families who want to take advantage of nature by grilling outdoors will appreciate the two different types of picnic tables available at Newhall Community Park.

  • Playground

The park has a large playground with multiple slides, swings, and rock walls. The play area can be accessed by different age group areas because the equipment matches up to each child’s developmental abilities. There are also benches throughout for parents to sit on while their children play.

  • Sports Fields

Newhall Community Park has three sports fields available for use with various activities; soccer, football, and baseball. The park also hosts tournaments throughout the year. A concession stand is open during games to purchase drinks and snacks.

  • Ponds

Ponds can be found around Newhall Community Park. The park is a great place to spend the day outdoors. Outdoor activities include fishing from shore or boat, hiking with access points on trails leading through natural habitats of mammals such as coyotes, squirrels, and deer.

Newhall Community Park is the perfect place to spend a day with family and friends. With so many amenities, you can enjoy any type of activity at this park. Whether it’s playing sports on one of the fields or visiting our ponds for fishing, there are plenty of opportunities for fun. Visit us today to see how we can make your day even better than before.

Concord, California has so many amazing parks to check out.  Here’s a brief list you should stop by on your next visit:

  • Newhall Community Park

  • Concord Community Park

  • Ygnacio Valley Park

  • Hillcrest Community Park

  • Markham Nature Area

  • Len Hester Park

  • Meadow Homes Park

  • Highlands Park

  • Ellis Lake Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short car ride away from our convenient location in Dublin, California on Sierra Lane.

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