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Augustin Bernal Community Park in the hills southwest of Pleasanton, California is a 237-acre (0.96 km2) park. Walter S. Johnson, donated the park to the city in 1971 and connected it to the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. The park is named for the Spanish settler Augustin Bernal who was originally given the land on which the park stands. Entry to the public staging area of the park is through the Golden Eagle Farms, a gated community. Pleasanton residents can display proof of residency to get past the community gate at Golden Eagle Way and Foothill Road; non-residents can get a one-week permit at the Parks and Community Services Department at Pleasanton.

Augustin Bernal Park is locatedAt the end of Longview Drive in Pleasanton,  and you can park underneath the eucalyptus trees along the south side of Longview Drive near Foothill Lane. Continue up the very steep Longview Drive to enter the park until it ends at a cul-de - sac, then turn left into what looks like a paved driveway with the address "9104." On a wooden fence indicating enter to Augustin Bernal Park, you should see a small brown sign. Continue on this path to the park gate for a tenth of a mile.

Pleasanton Ridge and Augustin Bernal are well known among mountain bikers for their extensive network of unofficial singletrack trails, in addition to the "official" trails. Some of these trails have downhills with large drops and jumps that are very technical. These trails have no signs which indicate that they are illegal; however, you can still be ticketed for being on them. Our below favourite runs follow just official trails! But you can easily find the unofficial trails with some digging if you are so inclined.

Pleasanton, California has so many amazing sites to see.  Here’s a brief list you should check out on your next visit: 

  • Pleasanton's Museum on Main

  • Alviso Adobe Community Park 

  • Flavortown 

  • Ravenswood Historical Site 

  • Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

  • Pleasanton Downtown Association

  • Lighthouse Baptist Church

  • Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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