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Downtown Pleasanton is a business- and residential area in the south-east corner of the city of Pleasanton in a relatively small geography. Pleasanton joined accredited California Main Street Communities in 2000 as an authority given by the National Main Street Center to the State Trade and Commerce Department. This respected recognition is a sign of the tradition and solidarity of the group.

Walking through downtown Pleasanton means going back in time to old historic buildings, many of them once linked by underground Main Street tunnels. There is a story for each house. Some stories are about the famous Seabiscuit racing horse Mary Pickford, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, Abbott & Costello, Presidents. There were those who spoke about lawless thieves, including Jack Garcia, bank robbers who fled, Earl Warren's Speakaway, a brothel or two, as well as Paul "Bouquet" Cohn, a proscript racketeer.


A few may even have ghosts from their pasts. These wonderful buildings display a variety of historic architectural styles from Victorian, Italianate, Richardson Romanesque, Mission Revival and Colonial Revival to Craftsman, Art Deco and Moderne. With the Guide by Cell, you can explore the history and architecture which Downtown Pleasanton provides at your own pace. Make a fun walk in the beautiful city center as Make a fun walk in the beautiful city center as you navigate this free tour by using your mobile phone. The Pleasanton Audio Tour I  sponsored by the L.J. Skaggs and the foundation of Mary C. Skaggs.


Membership Information

  • BID Membership ( Businesses located within Downtown only )

In 1984 the Pleasanton City Association was established in order to help companies in the city center cope with the rising competition from shopping areas. Peters Avenue is located to the west, First Street to the east, Bernal Avenue to the south and Arroyo del Valle is located to the north. The BID of Pleasanton City Association automatically includes all businesses situated in the city centre. Members of the BID will vote on matters brought to the membership of the general body. They can have become members of the Board, chairmen of the Committee and PDA officials.

  • Non Downtown Members ( Businesses located outside Downtown only )
    Pleasanton downtown is the core part of our city and an attraction for locals as well as tourists. Our whole society profits from the continuous revitalization of the city centre. With our Non Downtown Membership Scheme, local businesses outside the city center can support Pleasanton while taking advantage of a wide range of marketing opportunities.

Pleasanton, California has so many amazing sites to see.  Here’s a brief list you should check out on your next visit: 

  • Agustin Bernal Park

  • Pleasanton's Museum on Main

  • Alviso Adobe Community Park 

  • Flavortown 

  • Ravenswood Historical Site 

  • Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

  • Lighthouse Baptist Church

  • Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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