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In 1988, the East Bay Regional Park District purchased 1,700 acres (6.9 km2) to launch its second-largest airport. Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park in Pleasanton, California was established south of theI-680 highway. In 1980 an immobilizer company suggested the construction of a golf course and several fresh houses on top of Pleasanton Ridge. Numerous local citizens objected and overthrew the proposition in a 1983 referendum.

In 2012, Robertson Ranch south of Palomares Road, which it would contribute to the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park, announced it had bought 1 367 acres (5.53 km2). The course consisted of the Sunol Peak lighthouse (659 m). High 163 feet. The cost was 6,2 million dollars. The study indicated that the regional park had 7500 acres of property (30 km2) before it was purchased.

Regional Park Pleasanton Ridge is located in the East Bay Regional Park district on 5,271 acres of land in the eastern area of Pleasanton, California and Livermore Valley. With the purchase of the Tyler ranch, the facility is planned to develop nearly 1,500 hectares (6.1 km2) (sic).

The Tyler Ranch is approximately 3.5 miles away along Sunol Ridge.[a] The south of the ranch is at the bottom of Kilkare Road, where the current Pleasanton Ridge Park lies. It has excellent Foothill Road connections, too. The purchase was endorsed by the Priem Family Foundation for the preservation of accessible room in the wider region of the Bay.

The Tyler Ranch Acquisition was claimed by the EBRPD as the occasion of its acquisition in 1934, which resulted in a district acquisition of 100 000 acres.

The Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park has more than 40 km of gravel highways, most of which are not Woodland Trail, Bay Leaf Trail and a few parts of Ridgeline and North Ridge. The altitudes of the parking area at the primary door vary from 400 meters (120 m) to the lowest stage at over 1600 metres (490 m). The Augustin Bernal Park is adjacent to the estate.

This amazing location is located near downtown San Ramon adjacent to these other attractions:


  • Lake Del Valle

  • Alameda County Fairgrounds

  • Bernal Community Park

  • Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area

  • Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

  • Cubby's Dog Park and Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail

  • The Firehouse Arts Center

  • Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park

  • Val Vista Park

  • Shadow Cliffs Lake

All of these wonderful locations are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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