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Shadow Cliffs, only one mile from the center of Pleasanton, Stanley Boulevard, provides a refuge for swimming and fishing. The Kaiser Industries donated Shadow Cliffs to the Park District and opened in 1971 as a park. The sum of his $250,000 appraisal was used in order to secure a corresponding US park improvement grant. Outdoor Leisure Office.

This is the starting point for the Park District to create a park of 266 acres with a lake of 80 acres and adequate parking and picnic area. Facilities for disabled people are available. In addition to the main lake, Shadow Cliffs has an arroyo with a chain of little lakes and lakes. Swimming and boating in the shade and calm water are not permitted here; hot summer days are a relaxing escape.


Things To Do


  • Picnic - There are reserved picnic areas. Please note that Shadow Cliffs do not allow alcoholic drinks.

  • Fishing - Trout and catfish are planted on Shadow Cliffs lake every week and fishing enthusiasts can try black and blue. Annually there are fishing derbies. A regular fishing permit for fishing in the lake is required for the Park District.

  • Boating - Visitors may start their own boats; a small size of 17 feet, and only electric engines are permitted. No gas or jet skis are allowed. Also available are boat rentals. Boating in the Arroyo Areas is not authorized.

  • Birdwatching - In the secluded back lake section of the park, a number of waterbirds can be seen during the year.

  • Swimming - The beach has a private bath and refreshment stand, which is open during summer months in spring and autumn on weekends and every day. During the summer months there are lifeguards in operation, but swimming is permitted in the specified area at the expense of swimmers throughout the year. Visit the Swim Facilities page for a lifeguard service plan. Beach rollers are free of charge on a first-come , first-served basis, and are meant to provide wheelchair users with a means for rolling around the beach. The sand part of the swimming area shall not contain pets and glass containers. The Arroyo areas are not approved to swim




Shadow Cliffs provides parking, tracks, picnic tables and toilets for wheelchair users. An accessible wheelchair fisheries pier can be accessed by a paved trail near the boat launch. The bathroom also has wheelchair users available. Beach wheelchairs are accessible online, first-coming and first-served for wheelchair users who want to ride around the beach. They have to drive a helper and they are not supposed to go into the sea. Call for a lifeguard on (925) 484-1986 to arrange the use of a chair. The chair is carried to the beach by a staff member. The preparation of the chair takes about 15 minutes.

Pleasanton, California has so many amazing sites to see.  Here’s a brief list you should check out on your next visit: 

  • Agustin Bernal Park

  • Pleasanton's Museum on Main

  • Alviso Adobe Community Park 

  • Flavortown 

  • Ravenswood Historical Site 

  • Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

  • Pleasanton Downtown Association

  • Lighthouse Baptist Church

  • Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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