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Annabel Trail

San Ramon, CA 94583, United States

Annabel Trail is a beautiful hike outside of San Francisco. The trail winds through the Presidio, which is an old military base that's now been turned into a park with beaches, forests and trails. It's about nine miles long in total length so it can take up to three hours depending on your pace. Although there are some steep sections for those looking for more of an intense workout, the whole trail has lots of great views and interesting history to explore! 

Annabel Trail provides many options for outdoor enthusiasts. You can enjoy the scenery or be more adventurous by climbing over rocks or hiking off-trail if you're feeling more daring! There are also plenty of places along the way where you can stop at lookouts or get a good view of the bay.

If you're interested in history, Annabel Trail is a great option because it passes by many different historical landmarks such as old batteries and bunkers that were built during World War II to defend San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge from enemy attack.

The Annabel Trail can be reached via Fort Point at Crissy Field on the southern end or through Baker Beach on the northern side of the Presidio near Highway 101. If you're coming from downtown SF, take highway 280 south and get off after exiting at 38th Avenue for street parking near Crissy Field (a couple dollars). From there follow signs for "Crissy Field." On your way back north on 101 make sure to stop before hitting Lombard Street so you can park near the Presidio Visitor Center and follow signs to "Baker Beach."

What To Expect :

  • Trail Length: Nine miles, can take up to three hours depending on your pace.

  • Difficulty Level: Annabel Trail provides many options for outdoor enthusiasts. It's not as steep and intense as other trails in the Bay Area but it does have a few more challenging sections if you're looking for something more rigorous!

  • If You Like Nature & History This Is The Hike For You: With lots of beautiful scenery along with some great historical spots, this is a perfect hike for those who want to experience both nature and history all at once!

Best Time Of Day To Go

Morning or Afternoon? Although there are plenty of opportunities to get stunning views anytime throughout the day, we recommend going either in the morning before it gets too hot or after lunch when you're not as tired. Either way, there's something for everyone!

Interesting Historical Landmarks Along The Way:

  • Battery Godfrey

A battery that was built during World War II to defend San Francisco from enemy attack and has been preserved since then. It is one of the few remaining batteries left standing on all US coastlines today.  -Fort Point - Fort Point has served many purposes throughout history such as a military fortification but also an immigration station and a Nike missile site control center in case of nuclear war. Nowadays visitors can explore this piece of California history by walking through its buildings and taking pictures along the outer walls where you'll see some of the old mounted cannons.

  • Long Barracks

The Long Barracks were built in 1853 as barracks for infantry troops and has since been turned into a museum dedicated to their military history, dating back to World War II era when it was used by soldiers assigned to guard San Francisco Bay from invading enemy submarines.

  • Presidio Officers' Club

A beautiful building with no shortage of gingerbread trimming! This is where officers would live while stationed at the Presidio during WWII because they didn't want them living on base with enlisted men who may have had wives or girlfriends that could create tensions among everyone. Nowadays its just an event space but you can still go inside for pictures if you're feeling brave .

  • Presidio Chapel

A small chapel that was built in the early 1900s and still stands today. Although it is open for anyone to go inside, many of its weddings are reserved by military personnel who want their ceremony to take place at this beautiful historical landmark.

  • Site Of The Last Japanese Banzai Attack

In 1945, just as American troops were approaching San Francisco from land and sea during Japan's last attempt to stave off defeat after World War II, a group of Japanese soldiers made one final banzai attack on Fort Point. They failed miserably but managed to cause some damage before they were eventually killed or captured.

  • Año Nuevo State Park

Just a few miles north of the trail, you'll find Año Nuevo State Park where elephant seals come every year to breed and give birth from December through March. Although they're not always easy to spot, it's worth taking the short detour if you have time in order to see these enormous creatures up close! Just remember that this is breeding season so please keep your distance for their sake.

San Ramon, California has so many amazing trails to enjoy!  Here’s a brief list you should check out on your next visit:

  • Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve

  • Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail

  • Windermere Ridge Trail

  • Tassajara Ridge Trail

  • Iron Horse Trail

  • Annabel Trail

  • Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park

  • Sycamore Grove Trail

  • Summit View Trail Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California on Sierra Lane.

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