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Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail

Dougherty Hills Trail, San Ramon, CA 94582, United States

The Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail is a 4.5 mile round trip hike that ascends over 600 feet in elevation to the ridge top with beautiful views of San Ramon and Dublin Hills, and offers the opportunity for kids to explore nature at its finest. With lush tall grasses, oak trees, and a variety of native plants this trail is perfect for hikers who want to take their time exploring this hidden gem or just need some fresh air while enjoying being outside.

The Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail has been rated as an "easy" trail by many reviewers, but it does have some steep sections (keep your eyes peeled for the Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail sign).

Sections of the trail are also shaded by trees, so there is plenty of opportunity for shade and a little respite from the sun.

There are no restrooms at this park. The Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail connects to numerous other trails in Dublin Hills Regional Park, but make sure you have your map handy because they can be hard to find!

Reviewers recommend wearing long pants and good hiking shoes with thick soles since it may get muddy or wet on some parts of the trail; if possible bring an extra pair of clothes just in case! Some people said that their kids loved running around and exploring nature while others mentioned how beautiful it was as well.

Some reviewers recommended bringing a hiking stick, bug spray, and sunscreen with you.


  • Walking trails may have an incline or decline, but are not difficult. They're a great way to take in the scenery while getting some exercise.

  • Hiking trails are more strenuous and require stamina and endurance because they involve steep ascents/declines (aka hills). Hiking is usually done on mountainous terrain where there's boulders, streams, etc. Some people use hiking sticks for balance when going uphill or downhill.

What's the best time to go on a hike?

The best times of day for hiking are sunrise, early morning, and dusk. Why? Hiking at these times will help you avoid heat stroke or dehydration as well as be more prepared for bugs that come out in the evening. It'll also make it easier for your skin to absorb sunblock! Morning hikes have been shown to increase energy levels too because they get you outside before work so we're saying GO EARLY AND OFTEN FOR BEST RESULTS.

Best Clothes To Wear For Hiking

If you are an avid hiker, then finding the right clothes to wear on a hike can be a difficult task. There are many factors that play into what type of clothing is best for hiking. Some people like wearing light and loose-fitting clothing while others prefer wool or fleece to keep them warm. The weather will also play a role in deciding what to wear because some days it might rain or snow depending on your location, and other days it may just be cold enough for gloves and hats. This blog post will cover different types of clothing that hikers use while they go out on their hikes so that they know what is most appropriate for the day's conditions.

If you’re looking for an easy and relatively short hike with some amazing scenery, the Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail is a great choice.

San Ramon, California has so many amazing trails to enjoy!  Here’s a brief list you should check out on your next visit:

  • Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve

  • Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail

  • Windermere Ridge Trail

  • Tassajara Ridge Trail

  • Iron Horse Trail

  • Annabel Trail

  • Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park

  • Sycamore Grove Trail

  • Summit View Trail Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California on Sierra Lane.

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