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Schedule My Appointment

Have 3D mapping of both feet to check
the three arches of your feet.
(You didn’t know you had three arches, more reason to see us!) We will also examine your feet, check your size, and recommend shoes.

All for only $119!
Custom Orthotics if needed are additional
orthotic - 3d - mapping.png


Use our convenient online payment system to pay for your custom orthotics.

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Schedule Orthotics Pickup

7-10 days after your mapping appointment, your orthotics will be ready for pickup. Bring your shoes to put your orthotics in.

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Orthotic Adjustment

We offer 2 free adjustments if needed.
Book Orthotic Adjustment

Schedule Six Month Checkup

Have your feet re-checked and your
Orthotics tuned-up. Treat your feet like your teeth with a check-up!
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Schedule Call for Questions

Get all your questions answer before scheduling an appointment.
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