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Opened in 2010, the Firehouse Arts Center is Pleasanton's center of culture and art. It features a 221-seat theater, an art gallery in Harrington, and art and drama classrooms.


You will perform in songs, poetry, theatre, comedy, films, and more at the Firehouse Theater! For an unforgettable evening you will experience the drama of the world-class programme. That 20,000 square metres. FTC has a theater with 221 seat and 2000 sq. Cultural Arts Center. Ft. Gallery of Fine Arts, 1,800 sq. FT school room and a large hourglass entrance connecting Downtown Pleasanton with the 3,000 sq. facility. Ft. Ft. Ft. The neighboring Lions Wayside Park and Parkside Patio.


The distinctive layout of the facility efficiently includes the ancient and the fresh. This strategy deliberately represents the National Park Service's rules for all adaptive reuse of historic structures. These rules demand a very explicit graphic demarcation between fresh buildings and any ancient buildings maintained. The building also represents the uniqueness of its environment, comprising hot and lively colours on its western entry on "Firehouse" road corner and a curvilinear stone ceilings with refreshing background color, all visually in keeping with Lions Wayside Park surrounding the complex.

Regardless of age the Firehouse Arts Center also hosts a variety of programs to help you on your artistic passions. They have programs for Adults, Teens, Youth, and Literary Arts. 

They host many amazing events. They have put on a production of Mama Mia, hosted comedy nights, and cover bands such as a Queen, rock cover band. The Firehouse Arts Center also hosts plays such as Disney’s Frozen Jr and has performances of many different types of artists. 


The Theater is petite. The lower level seats are the best seats in the house since it offers an unobstructed view of the stage. Great place to see a play or musicians. Near downtown Pleasanton, lots of restaurants within walking distance of venue. Has free parking lot.

This amazing location is located near downtown San Ramon adjacent to these other attractions:


  • Val Vista Park

  • Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area

  • Lake Del Valle

  • Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

  • Shadow Cliffs Lake

  • Alameda County Fairgrounds

  • Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park

  • Cubby's Dog Park and Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail

  • The Firehouse Arts Center

  • Bernal Community Park

All of these wonderful locations are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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