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The fields at Val Vista is great. The field looks as perfect as turf but it is in fact cut grass. The field is amazingly upkept. It is such a nice park. Val Vista has a skatepark on North end and playground on South with at least 3 or 4 acres of grass connecting the two. Kids love the water Jets at this park.


Val Vista Park is pretty much right off the freeway. The Park includes a skate park, soccer field, kiddie playground (with water spouts) and most important bathrooms that are clean. Val Vista Park Has everything that makes a fantastic kids park, picnic area with a lot of benches, big play structure, water play area for kids.


There is plenty of available parking. Also has an extremely relaxing, nice picnic areas. It has great multi level playground with various types of slides and a rock climbing structure.


Taking a visit to this park and you’ll have an awesome time at this park! Kids love this park. Flat and easy path way roller skating rink along with soccer and baseball fields. They also have many play structure and a water park for kids ranging in age. Very nice community garden. A really nice wandering path that is occasional covered with trees and drinking fountains along the way. Bathroom are clean and tidy.


These fields are what soccer fields should be. GREAT, grass not turf. Kept close to perfect. A very nice soccer complex. It sits next to a water treatment plant, so it gets the smell once in awhile from it.


This park has plenty of path for walking/jogging. The play structure is nice although is in the sun. It is nice that the water park is open and working this summer. There is a very clean and well kept bathroom as well. Lots of greenery and grassy area as well as picnic tables!

This amazing location is located near downtown San Ramon adjacent to these other attractions:


  • Alameda County Fairgrounds

  • The Firehouse Arts Center

  • Bernal Community Park

  • Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area

  • Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park

  • Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

  • Cubby's Dog Park and Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail

  • Lake Del Valle

  • Shadow Cliffs Lake

  • Val Vista Park

All of these wonderful locations are located just a short distance from our location in Dublin, California at 6483 Sierra Lane Suite 106.

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